What is Hertfordshire Most Famous For? A Comprehensive Guide

Facts about Hertfordshire are plentiful, and the county has a rich heritage that dates back centuries. Home to two “garden cities”, Welwyn and Letchworth, Hertfordshire is a place of great beauty and history. Visit the cathedral city of St Albans and explore its famous cathedral, as well as its beautiful medieval architecture and the city's Roman past. Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Ernest features Jack Worthing's country house in Hertfordshire.

As London grew, Hertfordshire became conveniently close to the English capital; much of the area belonged to the nobility and the aristocracy, this patronage helped to boost the local economy. The average selling price of a property in Hertfordshire is £469,675, however, property prices have been shown to vary considerably across the county. This relatively short-lived kingdom collapsed in the 9th century, ceding the territory of Hertfordshire to the control of the West Anglians of Mercia. Hertfordshire is well connected to highways and railways to access London, the Midlands and the north. See the List of places in Hertfordshire and also the List of settlements in Hertfordshire by population for extensive lists of local places and districts.

While it's not entirely clear where the donut comes from, some people in Hertfordshire believe that it actually originates from Hertford. The county seat of Hertfordshire is modestly sized, but steeped in history, and there are a few discreet places to visit as you stroll through these ancient streets. Hertfordshire is home to a wide range of properties, from large classic Georgian houses to contemporary style apartments. The boundaries of the county were roughly fixed by the Counties (Separate Parts) Act of 1844, which eliminated exclaves; they were modified when, in 1965, under the London Government Act of 1963, the urban districts of East Barnet and Barnet were abolished, their area was transferred to form part of the current London Borough of Barnet and the Potters Bar urban district of Middlesex was transferred to Hertfordshire. The eastern regions of Hertfordshire are predominantly rural and arable, interspersed with small and medium-sized towns and cities. In addition to its excellent transport links, Hertfordshire also offers a host of different services for residents and visitors alike, including great country walks, historic sites, studio visits and much more.

Yes, in fact, plans for both red letter mailboxes and very British mailboxes were drawn up in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire has a deep history that has left its mark on many aspects of life today. This is evidenced by its two garden cities - Letchworth Garden City and Welwyn Garden City - as well as its many historic sites. The county seat of Hertfordshire is modestly sized but steeped in history; there are a few discreet places to visit as you stroll through these ancient streets. With its excellent transport links to London, the Midlands and beyond, as well as its wide range of properties from classic Georgian houses to contemporary apartments, it's no wonder that Hertfordshire is so popular.

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